Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intergy Backup Restore Checklist

I’ve been restoring our Intergy database on Progress and I developed this checklist below to help define the process. I read the Checklist Manifesto and found the overall message really applicable to IT tasks. 

Intergy Backup Restore Checklist

r 1. Is the medman.odbk file from the previous date on the Intergy Backup Server (INTBKPSRV)

o    If NO find it on \\\share\int_bkp and move to INTBKPSRV.

r 2. Copy AI files from Production server to AI drive on INTBKPSRV

r 3. Confirm that drive structure matches production environment

o    D = AI

o    E = BI

o    F = DB

r 4. Before Installing run (install.exe user \) prior to running the setup.exe for Intergy.

r 5. Install Intergy Server (Point DB to drive F)

o    EHR

o    Storage Server

o    Patient Portal

o    > 50 Users

r 6. AI & BI file locations: During installation you must point Intergy toward the appropriate drives for where this data will reside. (See step 2)

r 7. After Server Restart Launch Database Administration

r 8. Choose Enterprise 80 GB

r 9. Redirect the AI, BI and DB to the correct drive paths

r 10. Navigate in Command Prompt to c:\intergy\db to run all commands

r 11. Intergy large File Support: To add support for larger than 2GB storage area files, run the following command:

o    PROUTIL medman –C enablelargefiles

r 12. Consult the medman.lg file for detailed information concerning the database.

r 13. Shutdown Database: promon medman Option 8 then Option 2

r 14. VERIFY DATABASE: prorest medman D:\IntergyBackup\medman.odbk –vp

r 15. DELETE DATABASE FILES: prodel medman

r 16. RESTORE DATABASE: prorest medman D:\IntergyBackup\medman.odbk

r 17. Launch “Database Administration” and Start the database.

r 18. Run Intergy, Intergy EHR and Test


r 19. RESTORE FILES FROM LAST BACKUP: rfutil medman –C roll forward –a <afile#>

r 20. ENABLE AI: rfutil medman –C aimage begin


r 21. Verify Cluster size: proutil medman –C truncate bi 16384

r 22. Verify AI is enabled: rfutil medman –C aimage extent list

r 23. RESTART SERVER (After restart review the medman.lg file to ensure proper database start up.

Restore database without loading Intergy

r Repeat Steps 12 through 18

Intergy Testing

r Login to 10 random Data Sets

r Check patient demographic data in Intergy PM and Intergy EHR.

r Check patient billing data in Intergy PM

r View EOB image from DOM

r Print Encounter form

r Print Schedule Summary for the day

r Change patient demographic and billing data

r Make a backup of new changed database. (45 min)

r Restore original database and have Operations validate that data is gone. (45 min)

r Restore changed database and have Operations validate that data is restored. (45 min)

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